ZOHO CRM Connector

A leading CTI solution explicitly designed for ZOHO CRM to be integrated with Avaya Communication systems. A well-designed system that allows you to make voice calls from within your CRM platform, the ZOHO CRM connector is built with solid APIs. A unified integrator that allows you to bank on the power of your ZOHO CRM. Access your ZOHO CRM and Avaya Communication systems on a single interface and get multi-channel capable with voice, video and chat available on desktop, mobile and universal platforms.

Key Features & Benefits
Built on the latest Web RTC platform
Enables real-time voice and video communication on a softphone
Available for Mobile CTI client
Captures and syncs business insights and call logging with ZOHO CRM
Screen pop-up with customer data and call notifications within the CRM
Unified application that allows seamless access to data and call annotation
Supports integration with thin Client on the web browser
Offers desktop notification for incoming and outgoing calls
Detailed screen pop-up with historic data of the customer on call