About Inaipi

Today’s hyper-connected customers believe in making informed decisions. They expect an end-to-end service that makes their buying journey easy. Positive interactions throughout customers’ lifecycles turn them into loyal customers by building a confident image of the brand. Technology is evolving to understand customers’ expectations better and necessitating the adoption of customer-centric digital solutions that are designed and developed at various touchpoints for a cohesive customer experience. That’s what Inaipi is all about.

At Inaipi, we understand how significant customer interactions are. Thus, we develop digital solutions to make these interactions a success for our customers and their customers.

We operate in a 100% multi-instance environment. If you opt for a multi-tenant cloud delivery service, it is cheaper as you share computing power and resources with another instance. However, it can also lead to data leakage. Cloud service delivery in a multi-instance environment offers simple and accelerated customizations as the changes are localized to the instance. The data is secure, accessible to you at all times and easily movable from one cloud server to the other, or even on-premise if you like. As the infrastructure is non-shareable, the power of digital communication multiplies.