Benefits of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Benefits of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

What is the difference between a call center and contact center? The major difference is Call center provides support on only calls whereas the contact center uses different channels like social media, live chats, calls, emails, etc.

Keeping track of all these transactions can be tricky especially when a customer decides to use more than one channel for a single query.

Traditional contact centers are pulling out all the stops to provide the best possible customer service but the mark was never achieved. Due to changing expectations of customers and evolving technology the CCaaS was introduced. The major three elements of customer service are addressed by CCaaS are 

• Customer satisfaction

• Improved Performance

• Analytics tools

Businesses and agents can increase customer satisfaction through CCaaS with features like better access to data, omnichannel support, reduced wait time, and more. It also allows the business to run a complete cloud-based virtual contact center so that team can work remotely also. 

Managing today’s customer demand without the benefit of powerful communication tools like Contact center as a services software can be a vicious cycle. 

We all have seen the rise in demand for CCaaS since the pandemic. An extensive cloud solution can put you on the pace of satisfied customers with a competitive advantage. 

We have listed some of the benefits of moving your contact center to the cloud: 

  1. Cost-Effective: 

Just like most “as a service” cloud migration CCaaS solutions also offer significant savings. These include 

  • No direct investments 
  • Low power costs
  • Maximum utilization of hardware 
  • Reduced IT staffing
  • Streamlined billing
  • Reduced downtime

The major saving is CCaaS transfers the financial load from CAPEX (Capital Expense) to OPEX (Operation Expense). The OPEX model comes with more simplicity and predictability because it facilitates the “Pay as You Go” model. It eliminates large capital investment and makes the budget planning on growth easy. Also, you don’t have to pay for maintenance and upgrades. 

2. Better Customer Experience: 

CCaaS was aimed to be customer-oriented and it continues to grow to meet the ever-changing way of working and communication. The CCaaS delivers the following:

  • It has multichannel integration so that agent can answer queries from customers preferred channels including calls, emails, live chats, WhatsApp, or any other social media
  • CCaaS also offer useful insights through effective analytics abilities.  
  • Easy availability of all the tools on a desktop to faster resolution of customer issues. 

It integrates social media, real-time chat, messages, calls, and emails into a unified communication platform that allows tracking customer information among all the channels. CCaaS can help you deliver a better customer experience by tracking high volume call periods, and customer wait times. 

CCaaS gather information to build a complete customer profile. Hence when an agent is in communication with a customer he or she can view the profile of the customer that includes – since when a customer is connected to their brand, if similar issues have been raised earlier or not, since when the issue is pending, etc. This helps the agent to provide a more accurate and personalized experience. 

  • Scalable & Flexibility: 

The universal rule of the cloud is “pay only for what you use” It allows business to scale up their requirement as their business grow. You can change, upgrade or update your plan any time you need. You can also add or subtract the number of agents. Even you can opt for a customized plan tailored for your business. 

Another benefit of CCaaS is it offers availability, flexibility, reliability, and disaster recovery. As agents can access the contact Centre from anywhere and it makes it easier to manage agents at different locations 

4. Improves productivity: 

Every tool that your agent might require is there in Contact Centre as a Service. It includes instant messaging, call monitoring and recording, video meetings, silent monitoring, and the list go on. Agents will get everything at their fingertips which improves their speed and productivity. CCaaS also allows file sharing between team members. 

In-built AI will take care of repetitive tasks like sending emails, updating databases, etc. This saves your agent’s time and they can spare more time for customer support. 

5. Report and analytics: 

For every organization call metrics are essential to leverage customer insights to know the preferred communication channels, which context works best, provide coaching, call tracking, and adjust staffing. CCaaS have the reporting and analytics tools that allow a business to 

  • Track the number of abandoned calls
  • to identify insufficient training records and review calls
  • Send alerts if agents use inappropriate or questionable words
  • Obtain context-sensitive call scripts
  • Detect and automatically adjust voice response and caller queues menus on the fly

CCaaS gives you access to automatic reporting and analytics. It can track every major detail such as uptime, downtime, missed calls, and declined calls also.

Insights help to improve overall performance. For eg. If one agent is having consecutive long calls then he needs additional training to perform better. 


CCaaS can simplify the process of your contact center. Everything is bundled in a single solution. It has changed the belief that a profitable customer experience can be created through purchasing only the technology they really need. CCaaS can deliver an excellent customer experience with the right tools and best practices in place.

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